About Celtic Clan

About Celtic Clan

Celtic Clan consists of musicians* hand-picked to create the finest wedding entertainment or function band experience for you!

We love to play and we love to make sure you have a good time.

Our Sound

Mixing live harmony vocals, live fiddle, guitar, harmonica, bass, bodhran and pennywhistle, along with stunning backing tracks (where required), Celtic Clan create the sound of a much bigger band, without the associated costs of employing 5 or 6 musicians!

Our Promise

We are here to help you have a great time. No egos, no demands. Simply book us, we help you sort the timings, give a great performance and leave you on a high. 

Our Unique Selling Points

  • Music to appeal to everyone – vital especially when in the role of a wedding music band. We see it as our job to get everyone to mix and bond, and unite people who may not necessarily know each other. Music is a great tool for this!
  • Audience participation – we chat, and we get you involved. It’s all about having the craic!
  • Harmonies – all 3 of us can sing, so we’re able to create fantastic rich harmonies just like the original songs.
  • Punctuality and organisation – while music is the main thing, we know it’s also important to have good communications, keep you informed and work with you to make your event a success. We’ll go the extra mile (or 500 miles, as The Proclaimers would say)…

*We reserve the right to substitute musicians in the event of holiday or sickness.