Irish Funeral Entertainment

New service from Celtic Clan – Irish Funeral Entertainment The best thing about launching a duo option for Celtic Clan, is the ability to extend our services to a whole new sector – Irish funeral entertainment. Since working out the duo set, we’ve played at a fair few wakes, and it’s been a real joy

Should I Join The Musicians’ Union?

To Join or Not to Join? Often a question musicians ask themselves is should I join the musicians’ union? As part of the Celtic Clan series of blogs, we like to cover lots topics.This is one I felt really passionate about writing, as there are so many people out there unaware of how much they

Unusual first dance tunes

Unusual First Dance Tunes We’ve played at hundreds of weddings, and seen so many first dances that we always enjoy hearing unusual first dance tunes. From couples who’ve paid to have lessons, through to those stumbling around a dance floor, not because they want to, but because it’s a wedding and they feel they must

How to be a professional singer

How To Be A Professional Singer I sent this advice recently to a friend recently who was asking how to be a professional singer. She’s been in bands in the past, and is now looking at becoming a solo singer professionally.  She’s lost a lot of contacts, and a bit of confidence, so needed a