Irish Funeral Entertainment

Irish Funeral Entertainment

New service from Celtic Clan – Irish Funeral Entertainment

The best thing about launching a duo option for Celtic Clan, is the ability to extend our services to a whole new sector – Irish funeral entertainment.

Since working out the duo set, we’ve played at a fair few wakes, and it’s been a real joy to be involved in giving someone a good send off.  The emphasis is definitely changing from mourning, to celebrating someone’s life – and often that means with music and song, so that everyone feels uplifted rather than saddened when it’s all over.

New Material

We’ve had to learn some new material too! I’m not sure Delaney’s Donkey is going to be called for at every gig we’ll do in the future, but it was hilarious when everyone joined in with the ‘pushing it, shoving it’ bit of the chorus – apparently the deceased was quite partial to a bet on the horses, so his family wanted this one.

Ever-popular Classics

However, there will always be room for the ever-popular classics, and we’ve learnt the best way to ‘warm’ a room up is to start slow with things like Fields of Athenry, and then gradually bring up the tempo. By the second set people are always dancing to Brown Eyed Girl, Wild Rover and Hills of Donegal – which is just how it should be!

Celebration of life

I think the best compliment was when we were leaving a gig at Our Lady of Lourdes Club a few weeks ago. Everyone had definitely made the most of the free bar provided, but even so – the family made an effort to come over and thank us at the end, saying that we’d managed to turn a sad occasion into a ‘true celebration of a man’s life’ – and that was the memory they were now going to walk away with. One that would stay with them for the rest of their lives. What a privilege to have been part of that at such a personal time…..

Watch our duo showreel